Pregnant, you’re so lucky but still…

You are so fortunate to be pregnant, but...


A pregnancy is a period of great change. Every woman, however, experiences these changes differently. Some women feel better than ever for nine months, but in this period, many women also experience physical complaints that sometimes overshadows the beautiful process of being pregnant. Pelvic pain, lower back pain, varicose veins, fluid retention and the inability to get rid of the excess pregnancy kilos after the birth. We recommend all women who would like to get pregnant, are pregnant or just gave birth to obtain or regain balance in her body using the Quadrivas Therapy.

Without too many problems through your pregnancy

Quadrivas and pregnancy

The Quadrivas Therapy provides great support with a pregnancy. Because it helps prevent instability in the pelvic and the occurrence of varicose veins. In addition, in the course of a pregnancy it’s difficult to keep exercising because of your growing belly. The Quadrivas Therapy offers a solution, because the muscles are activated and the blood circulation is stimulated. Even after the pregnancy the treatments are worthwhile, because these will speed up the recovery. Moreover, you can get rid of your excess pregnancy kilos faster. Even if you’ve retained a lot of fluid during the pregnancy, you will notice that you will lose this quickly using the Quadrivas Therapy.

Common symptoms during or after the pregnancy • hemorrhoids • ligament pain • pelvic and back pain • Carpal tunnel syndrome (sleeping or painful hands) • overweight • calf cramps • varicose veins • fatigue • constipation • fluid retention