Quadrivas therapists

Unfortunately we are not treating people from abroad...

More and more the news about the incredible results of the Quadrivas Therapy is spreading internationally. We receive requests for treatment from women all over the world. From the moment I started and developed the Quadrivas Therapy I knew many women could benefit from this therapy. It is beautiful to see and experience that with only two bare hands we are able to cure all kinds of physical complaints and diseases caused by deficiencies in the vascular system. One of them is treating lipedema successfully. 
Unfortunately it is impossible to treat all the 780.000 women in the Netherlands who suffer from lipedema, because of the small amount of qualified therapists. The waiting list in the Quadrivas Clinic is over six months. We cannot even estimate how many women globally are needing treatment. That's why we have started the Quadrivas Academy in the Netherlands in order to find and educate more Quadrivas Therapists. A slow and intense, but beautiful process.

When we receive and read all your stories and experiences of suffering and pain, we suffer with you for the fact that we cannot offer you any perspective yet. For by now we know the Quadrivas Therapy would be a solution for many of you. Therefore we need your help as much as you need ours! To enlarge the number of qualified Quadrivas Therapists we need to work together. That’s why we ask you to help us get in contact with the most relevant and esteemed institution for this type of education and development in your country or area. It is our dream to help and cure women around the world who suffer from lipedema or any other vascular disease. More information about our international activities and progress will be uploaded on the website of the Quadrivas Academy.

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