Healthy muscles and joints

You have to listen to your body!

Healthy muscles and joints

The muscles and joints in the body are an important part of our daily lives, but above all when you exercise regularly, injuries then often occur. When you say that you are suffering from an injury, you admit to what your body is trying to tell you for probably a longer period of time. If you neglect important signals, you may properly encounter yourself. Even athletes who have been injury free for years still can become overconfident and suddenly get injured. There is a difference between the onsets of acute or chronic injuries. Acute injuries are caused for example by a fall, hit, crash or wrong move. It often creates a swelling, bruising, tearing, sprain or fracture. A chronic injury can also be seen as an overuse injury, because a particular movement is repeatedly done wrong, causing the muscle or tendon to be overloaded.

Healthy joints move better!

Painful joints

Also, when someone suffers from pain in their joints which has nothing to do with exercising, the Quadrivas Therapy offers a solution. The therapy is, for instance, well used as preparation and post-treatment in orthopedic surgery (for example the knee/hip). Or as a rehabilitation technique for a trauma incurred from an accident or surgery. During and after pregnancy, the therapy can be used to address the consequences of pelvic instability. But also in the treatment of other complaints caused by the connective tissue, such as disrupted scar tissue, and even post-traumatic dystrophy, the therapy is particularly successful.

Quadrivas and Muscles & Joints

A good circulation is very important for the recovery of your muscles and joints after overloading them. With the Quadrivas Therapy we trigger the blood circulation, which ensures the acceleration of recovery from an injury or overload. In addition, the muscles are stimulated and thus no muscle mass will be lost during a period of rest because of an injury.

The Quadrivas Therapy helps athletes to improve their performances. It’s smart to undergo a Quadrivas treatment prior to a great sports performance. The blood supply is stimulated during the treatment which makes it possible for more oxygen to reach the muscle, and thus more power can be extracted from the muscle.