Quadrivas Therapy, a method that really works!

A method that really works!

Energizing, slimming and even lowers the blood pressure!

The Quadrivas Therapy is an intensive massage therapy that activates the self-healing ability in the different tissue layers throughout the body; the skin, subcutaneous connective tissue, muscles, blood vessels, lymph nodes/vessels and even the periosteum. This activation ensures the (re)gain of health in all these tissue layers. A good blood circulation is the basis for a healthy body. Tissues with a decreased blood supply need manipulation to be able to function properly again.
 During the massage, intensive deep scraping and hook techniques are alternated. This allows the therapist to 'untangle' and 'open' tissues: the microcirculation is activated and the tissues get a better blood circulation. This has a healing and slimming effect and inhibits the formation of new fat and moisture deposition. Muscles, joints and ligaments become more flexible. Waste products and excess fat are cleared by the body. The body gets in good condition and gets back its original shape.

Common indications include lymphedema, vascular (arterial as well as venous) insufficiency, lipedema, poorly healing wounds, optimizing blood flow before and after surgery (orthopedic, cosmetic) and is also used for systemic disease, RLS and muscle and joint pain .

Given the long waiting list of all our clinics in the Netherlands, it is unfortenately not possible for us to take clients from abroad. If you are interested to host the Quadrivas Training in your country or area feel free to contact by e-mail.

The positive results and benefits obtained by Quadrivas...

Love for your body!

Your body gets back her natural and you feel beautiful again.

Healthy blood vessels!

Your heart and blood vessels are healthy again and you feel much better.

Move freely without pain!

Walking, exercising and sporting will feel good, without any fatigue.

And suddenly you trust the magic of beginnings...

My name is Alyna Eekema

I am the founder and inspirer of the Quadrivas Therapy. After following several official programs to become a massage therapist in the Netherlands, I personally trained myself for five years in this Vietnamese technique and treated hundreds of satisfied clients. Over the past few years I further developed the pioneering method in the Netherlands and also brought it to the attention. In 2014, I was educated to become a vascular specialist and followed lectures given by leading Dutch vascular surgeons.

I am specialized in lipedema and am, with my 15 years of experience, an expert in identifying and successfully treating this condition. From both home and abroad more and more interest is shown in the Quadrivas Therapy. I am often asked to give lectures and to share my knowledge. I decided, after 15 years of giving intensive treatments to clients, to transfer my knowledge to young motivated students. And because the influx of customers is so much bigger than I can handle alone, I have set up the Quadrivas Academy.

Take care of yourself and others?

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