The amount of people being obese is still ‘growing’!

Life is too good!


Our body is made for scarcity, not abundance. It’s really good in retaining but really bad in letting it go. Therefore it is easier to gain than to lose weight. For centuries, mankind had to live on anything eatable that nature provided. Now that the power over food is taken over by an industry based on marketing and making money, our bodies have become upset. This has been going on for years, and more and more people have problems with their bodies. Moreover, there are dozens of diets thrown on the market, which all make us believe that we will lose weight when we follow that diet. Yet the number of overweight people continues to grow. We, as therapists, already know for many years that there is a link between obesity, insulin resistance, hyperinsulinemia (too much insulin) and changes in blood pressure and the functioning of blood vessels. In the meantime there have been several studies that increased the awareness of how these factors interact.

Quadrivas and overweight

A good blood circulation is very important during weight loss because all waste (including broken down fat) are discharged via the blood. During a Quadrivas treatment the tissue is manipulated to ‘open’ and ‘unravel’ it. In this way the blood flow in these tissues are stimulated so that they can function optimally again. Also, the activation of the muscles causes more fat to be broken down, which can be discharged through the veins to the liver and the kidneys. Because the blood vessels will recover the local metabolism will cause loss of excess weight. The Quadrivas therapists are trained to be manual therapists but also to be coaches who can help you to change your lifestyle. Together with you they create a treatment plan to make changes in your eating and exercise habits. We work with a diet that supports the reparation of your arteries. In this way there is a customized plan made for you to get rid of your excess weight. The therapists support you to implement these changes and to become healthy again.

About one in seven of the cases of cardiovascular disease in the Netherlands can be attributed to being overweight.

Why most diets don’t really work...

Just going on a diet is not sufficient for most people to permanently find a pattern to keep a stable weight. Often people are rapidly losing weight during a diet, but afterwards the kilos are gained again even more rapidly. The reason is that the blood circulatory system no longer functions optimally. Meanwhile a link is found between fattening of the body, and insulin resistance.

With help from the fatty tissue in the body, insulin can ensure the widening or narrowing of the blood vessels. The fatty tissue namely excretes, all kinds of substances, such as hormones and inflammatory substances, which together with insulin have influence on the blood vessels. With reduced sensitivity to insulin, insulin cannot properly dilate the vessels, but it can make the vessels narrower. A new type of adipose tissue arises, which in people with obesity and type II diabetes accumulates around the blood vessels.