Lipedema, a hidden disease with a lot of emotional pain…

We have a lot of experience with this condition!

Quadrivas en lipedema

The women who come to us after the diagnosis lipedema are often desperate. They have tried everything. They exercise like crazy, know all the ins and outs of all possible diets and are often sent from pillar to post by several doctors and therapists. The only advice they receive is that they just have to live with it and they get support stockings fitted. Some of them even underwent liposuction, but without the desired outcome. Meanwhile, having lipedema influences their everyday lives. Spending the day with their families at the pool or beach becomes quite a challenge. Wearing dresses and shorts in the summer is totally out of the question. But above all the painful and tired legs of these women stand in the way of living a normal life. From not being able to play with your child to not even being capable of running errands by foot. And all because of those heavy legs that inhibit everyday activities.

A body that's build up from two different body parts...

Features of lipedema

Lipedema is thought to only be a disorder in the production of the fat tissue but that is however not the case. Especially vascular insufficiency (poor condition of the blood vessels) causes a disruption of the metabolism in the affected area. As a result, the discharge of fluids via the lymphatic vessels is also not optimal. The result is an accumulation of subcutaneous fat, and moisture. Sometimes the fat accumulates around the ankles and the arms may also be affected. Obesity accelerates this process and increases the health risks. The complaints regarding lipedema are completely different from the complaints regarding lymphedema; the legs are painful, there is often muscle weakness and fatigue, often bruising occurs and the feet are slim. Lipedema occurs almost exclusively in women and usually begins during or just after puberty. It is important that lipedema is detected at an early stage. This offers the best opportunity to prevent aggravation or complications.

11% of all women in the world suffer from a greater or lesser degree of lipedema. In the Netherlands, that comes down to 735.000 women. These figures are not reliable because there is too little research on the subject of lipedema. The numbers are probably higher.

Specific features

• thick, heavy and aching legs • raw ‘cauliflower’ skin • quick bruising • walk poorly • sore knees • clothing size difference • thick upper arms • overweight • lymphedema • sports and diets do not work


Depending on the severity of the symptoms, it is necessary for someone with lipedema to undergo at least 24 treatments with a possible extension to 40 treatments. And preferably 2 or 3 times per week. That seems a lot, but if you realize that someone often walks around with these problems for years, it’s very special that someone can lose almost all of the symptoms associated with lipedema within six months. After one or two years you will have your original shape back and you will be completely healed.

For each client a personal treatment plan is created, during the creation of this plan the therapist looks critically at the diet and lifestyle of the client. In the treatment plan an advice is given to improve this. Each treatment takes 90 to 120 minutes, and during the massage the whole body is treated.

Treating a lipedema patient is a fairly tough job for both the client and the therapist, but we do it with love. Every treatment takes one and a half to two hours and we work on an intense and high level. It takes much time, strength and dedication to get the body of a lipedema patient back in its healthy shape. But we succeed. All patients who have been treated at our clinics are extremely satisfied because they regain their normal body. Safe and sound. Without operations or medications.

Our experiences

Our critical view on other treatments for lipedema…

Manual lymph drainage

Manual lymph drainage is a treatment that provides the drainage of excess lymphatic fluid when the body is unable to do so itself. However, this treatment is not intensive enough to heal lipedema. It is an excellent method to support the Quadrivas Therapy when besides lipedema, lymphedema also arises. For a long time it was assumed that in case of lipedema you shouldn't massage to deep, but we have a different opinion on that. With the right techniques you can massage very deep to awaken the sick tissue.


Liposuction is not the solution to lipedema. Because, in our view, lipedema is not only an adipose disorder. This is contrary to what lipedema is assumed to be in the guidelines. We believe that there is paid insufficient attention to vascular insufficiency, which is often the underlying cause of lipedema. In 12 years as a therapist Alyna has had several clients who underwent liposuction. Despite the surgery, they continued to experience pain in their legs. Furthermore, the fatty deposits came back over time. Simply because the blood vessels in the legs were still in poor condition. With the Quadrivas Therapy the symptoms disappeared and the fat deposits did not come back.

Compression stockings

Compression stockings are often worn when someone is retaining fluid in his/her legs. This is to support the calf pump function of the leg. When someone has lymphedema this indeed provides relief. However for someone with lipedema the stockings are useless. In our opinion it’s even an additional obstacle for the stagnation that already exists. We therefore, already during the first treatment, give the advice to our clients who suffer from lipedema to stop wearing their compression stockings. All of our clients experience this as a liberation.


Endermology is a therapy which is carried out with an LPG device. By the action of the device, the skin becomes smoother and firmer and irregularities become less visible. Endermology literally means “through the skin”. It is a practically painless method of treatment of the skin, dermis and subcutaneous tissue. With lipedema it is not enough to only massage the skin and the subcutaneous connective tissue by means of endermologie, because this method does not go deep enough. After healing via the Quadrivas Therapy, endermology can be a great tool for maintaining a healthy skin.