The importance of healthy veins and arteries!

Conditions caused by a bad blood circulation.


Are you cranky after a day of shopping or a long walk? Can you hardly stand for a longer period of time? Or are you waiting at the bottom of the hill while the rest of your family makes a hike? Do you have the feeling that there are thousands of ants running through your legs? And aren’t you able to sleep at night because of the cramps in your legs? Then there is probably something wrong with your blood circulation. In our clinic we often hear that clients already have tried everything to improve the circulation in their legs or to lose weight in specific places (legs, buttocks and abdomen). Moreover, many clients often suffer from recurring problems such as low back pain or restless legs. But even with exercising, diets and/or physical therapy, they are not able to get rid of their complaints. The reason for this, and we know this from experience, is that the blood flow is disrupted in those areas in such a way that the body can no longer solve it for itself. No matter how much they exercise or what diet they follow.

The importance of healthy veins and arteries.

Condition blood vessels

Blood carries oxygen and nutrients to the cells throughout the body. On the way back to the hart, the blood absorbs all kinds of waste materials and brings it to the liver and kidneys in order to excrete the waste materials via the urine and feces. Age, eating habits (too much bad fats and sugars), lack of exercise and congenital weakness of the blood vessels are often the cause of the reduction of blood flow, especially in the capillaries in the organs, joints and limbs. The blood vessels lose their elasticity, and plaque is formed by de deposition of fatty acids on the inside of the artery wall. This makes the passage for the blood narrower.

Especially women, notice that in their legs. Their legs quickly feel tired, sore and heavy. They develop obesity, cellulite, suffer from restless legs and in serious cases lymphedema, lipedema or varicose veins arises. Or they develop more severe forms of vascular insufficiency. It is therefore vital that we keep our blood vessels as smooth and clean as possible. A certain loss of elasticity and flexibility over the years is inevitable.

Quadrivas and blood circulation

Tissues with a bad blood supply need manipulation to be able to function properly again. In those cases a Quadrivas Therapist can provide the solution. The Quadrivas Therapy contains highly specialized grips which enables the therapist to ‘open’ and ‘unravel’ tissues for an optimal blood supply. By so called “hook techniques” the therapist automatically trains the underlying blood vessels and ensures the stimulation of the blood flow. Blood vessels get their elasticity back and the body is able to repair itself.

The Quadrivas Therapy is an excellent method to prepare someone for surgery. The better the blood circulation before the operation, the greater the chances of rapid recovery afterwards. But we also advise our clients to start as soon as possible with the Quadrivas Therapy after a surgery, because the faster the blood flow is stimulated in the traumatized area, the greater the chances of rapid recovery.

Cardiovascular diseases are still the number one cause of death in women. And one of the two women comes to deal with vascular problems. Research shows that 74% of young women between 18 and 25 years, have venous problems in varying degrees.