To awaken the body to be normal!

International breakthrough

Some of my clients have shared their positive experiences through social media. This has led to a huge influx to our practices both from home and from the USA. In 2018 we will try to start up the first USA Training.


Have you found out that you have lipedema?

And are the doctors telling you that you just have to live with it?

Do you suffer from restless legs and do you believe this is due to poor circulation?

Are you having trouble with losing those last pounds after your pregnancy and do you have the feeling that your body doesn’t suit you anymore?

Are you tired of wearing your compression stockings and of being sent from pillar to post with your problems?

Recognizable? Know, you’re not alone. Almost all of our clients suffer from these symptoms. Many people, especially women, suffer from circulatory problems and it seems that the regular care does not take it seriously. “Learn to live with it and put on your compression stockings from now on!”, That’s the advice that’s being given.

But we know how much silent grief hides behind the often chronic (vascular) disorders. It’s not about being a size 6, but about having a normal and healthy body.


satisfied customers

It is so good to see that women feel much better after a treatment!

Sjoukje Verbeek

Seeing is believing?

Friesians are down to earth, they say. Alyna Eekema is the living example of this: the inspired founder of the Quadrivas Therapy is straightforward, direct and has lots of humor.

When ignorant people dismiss the therapy as a “woolly hassle”, she crosses her arms and says, “Come and see for yourself.” And subsequently: “I’m looking for a PhD student who is willing to research the effects with the help of an MRI scan, before and after the therapy. Then you will clearly see the differences and not only on the outside of the body, but also on the inside.”

What is Quadrivas?

Losing fat through massaging and repairing blood vessels using manual techniques? That’s not possible, right?

That’s exactly what Alyna Eekema thought before she underwent the therapy herself where she experienced the astonishing results. The basis of this method of treatment originates from Vietnam and Alyna developed it into a therapy that is used in various medical disorders. The Quadrivas Therapy has a broad field of application and is a specialized method that offers a solution for many people, for all sorts of complaints that cannot be solved with existing, current methods.

The Quadrivas Therapy is an intensive massage therapy that activates the self-healing ability in the different tissue layers throughout the body; the skin, subcutaneous connective tissue, muscles, blood vessels, lymph nodes/vessels and even the periosteum. This activation ensures the (re)gain of health in all these tissue layers. The method works energizing, slimming and even lowers the blood pressure.

The Quadrivas Therapy is based on the man as anatomical and physiological unit. Vascular, neurological, lymphatic and biomechanical systems work together to keep the body healthy. The Quadrivas Therapy ensures that these four systems are properly aligned, but focuses on the vascular system.

A good blood circulation is the basis for a healthy body. Tissues with a decreased blood supply need manipulation to be able to function properly again.

During the massage, intensive deep scraping and hook techniques are alternated. This allows the therapist to ‘untangle’ and ‘open’ tissues: the microcirculation is activated and the tissues get a better blood circulation. This has a healing and slimming effect and inhibits the formation of new fat and moisture deposition. Muscles, joints and ligaments become more flexible. Waste products and excess fat are cleared by the body. The body gets in good condition and gets back its original shape.


The Quadrivas Therapy originates from Vietnam. There it was initially applied in a hospital, to prepare people who would undergo surgery and to promote the healing process afterwards. This specialized massage technique soon turned out to have surprisingly good results in overweight women as well.

During a stay in Vietnam about fifteen years ago, Alyna Eekema, underwent the method herself because despite much exercising and dieting she could not get rid of the kilos she gained during her pregnancy. Not only did she became slimmer, her entire body changed and she felt healthier than ever.

Alyna, a true Friesian with an aversion of woolly therapies was skeptical of the therapy at first. That changed to great enthusiasm when she felt the changes in her body even after the first treatment. “More women should experience this,” she thought. “I must do something with this!”